• CARtography

    Easy to use online energy consumption and electric vehicle range estimation
  • EVA

    The EVA solution is the 'Electric Vehicle Application' of VirVe's core.
  • nEVA

    nEVA is a cost-effective range estimation solution for light duty vehicles.
  • Telematics

    VirVe offers telematic solutions for fleet customers to monitor energy use.
  • Consulting

    Expertise in powertrain design and simulation is offered as a service.
News Details
VirVe has joined the group of motivated entrepreneurs sharing ideas, coffee, and space at The Hub in Zürich.....
July 29, 2011
VirVe completed a successful round of consumption measurements at the flagship m-way shop in Zurich, and would....
February 7, 2011
VirVe's latest challenge is measuring the consumption of E-bike for exhibitors at the NewRide 2011 E-Bike show....
December 15, 2010